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How to Fix HP Printer Going to Sleep Mode Unexpectedly? Best HP Printer Customer Service

HP Printers are best when you are searching for an economical printing need for your home or office use. Since every man-made thing face technical difficulties at some point of the time or other so as the case with HP printers. However, one should not worry about these small Hp printer issues as they can be easily resolved by the user itself without much effort. One can also make a call to HP Printer Helpline Number for any confusion or errors with their HP Printers.

In a survey it is seen that 90% of the general issues are easily get resolved through the solutions available on web or via contacting HP Printer Technical Support. If the problem persists, you need to have a thorough discussion over the issue and needs hands on expertise of a HP technician to rectify the issue for you either via phone or remote access.

One of such nasty issue encountered by most of the HP users is- Hp printer automatically going on sleep mode. People get worried when the problem appears frequently and do not resolve of its own.

So What Exactly is Sleep Mode & Why It Strikes Your System?

People are generally clueless about the usage of ‘sleep mode’ on devices. And when they faces this issue with them then they start cursing it and search the web to know about it and the reason why it’s happening with their device. If it’s an issue with your HP printer too then we have explained it for you.

Sleep mode is the mode which makes a printer reaches a lower-power state after a preset period of not using. In general, the printer comes back to its normal state upon sending another print or scan job. If you start experiencing sleep mode error with your system, then it’s likely you will start facing symptoms like:

  • Display of control panel automatically turns black.
  • You will notice a moderate pulse of power indicator.
  • Power light will also be running dim.
If you want to know other reasons why your HP printer is getting into sleep mode frequently and how you can resolve it then contact HP printer Technical Support and speak to our representative.

Myth: Disabling the Sleep Mode on the printer will Resolve the Issue

If you are thinking that disabling the sleep mode can fix your printer issues then you are wrong. You cannot disable sleep mode. A user can modify the stationary time prior the printer goes into sleep mode. A printer doesn’t have issues in printing even if the printer is in sleep mode. In fact, it instantly comes back to a normal state once the print command is sent.

Sleep mode doesn’t make the device get powered off. The reason behind the printer getting turned off automatically The prime reason that makes the printer get turned off automatically is due to the Power Saver Mode setting getting enabled. As a result, the printer turns off completely after a certain period. In general, it gets turned off after a couple of hours. However, one can disable this feature upon going through the control panel of a printer, or through its software setting.

Myth: Auto off & Sleep Mode Same Things?

Some people think that auto-off and sleep mode are the same things. Well this is not true. In reality, Auto-Off is the Power Save Mode, which turns the printer completely off after a certain period. If your printer is auto off you have to click on power button to make the printer active again.

HP Printer Technical Support Helpline

If you are facing any other issues then we recommend you contacting the HP Printer Support Phone Number. Our highly experienced technicians are capable to resolve any issues be its printer configuration or wireless network or any other paper jam, ink cartridge issues. Make an appointment with those technicians for correcting your issues, note down the numbers below:

USA +1-800-436-0509

UK +44-800-046-5700

AU +61-1800-769-903

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