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Resolving HP Printer Common Issues with HP Printer technical Support

Computers as well as printers are essential in carrying out day-to-day operations of your business, home or school. While printer issues are very frustrating, yet they are not always serious. Some of them can be easily resolved without the help of professional technicians. In this post we have listed down a compilation of such common issues of HP Printer with solutions. Just follow the solution steps as mentioned and in case of any difficulty, contact HP Printer Helpline Number and get an instant solution over phone.

My HP Printer Doesn’t Print

If your printer is not at all printing then try checking the plugin connections and turn your printer on & then off. Check if the machine begins printing. If not, wait for the ON lamp to stop flashing. When the lamp is steady, try printing your document.

Also, Remove any underrated print jobs and retry printing your document.

My HP Printer is Printing Too Slow

A slow running printer is a common frustrating issue faced by many HP users. This usually happens when the equipment is set to print high quality output. This in turn reduces the print quality or change the setting to draft mode. Just removing heavy graphics from your document that need to be printed improves your equipment’s printing speed as well as save your ink.

My HP showing Frequent Paper Jam Issues

When you receive a warning message of a paper jam in your printer, the first thing you must do is to turn off the printer and unplug it. Now gently pull out the jammed paper. Ensure you have no bits of paper left inside the tray. Once you are done, try printing a paper.

My Prints are Faded Or Very Light Prints

This usually happens when the print head is clogged due to dried ink. This occurs if you are not frequently using your printer. You can clear the dried ink using the printer’s utility program. The problem may also occur cause of ink running out. Check if your printer gives an alert for this. If your ink has run out, make sure you change the cartridges with genuine ones. Also ensure you are doing one printing job a day to prevent your ink from drying.

My HP Printer Shows “No Paper” Alert

  • May be a foreign object is there on the rear tray. 
  • The paper isn’t properly loaded into the machine. 
  • The paper is curled, wrinkled or too thick. 
To resolve this error, Turn off and unplug the printer; then, check for any foreign object stuck in. See if the paper is not wrinkled or in a portrait position. Also, try cleaning the paper feed roller to resolve this problem.

My HP Printer is Not Connecting to My Wireless Network

If your HP Printer is not connecting to your wireless network then check:
  • The router setup
  • The wireless configuration of your printer
To setup HP wireless printer setup, contact our HP helpline number listed below.

Printing Isn’t Completed & Stopped in the Middle

Sometimes, the printing stops in the middle of the task. When this happens, the machine and computer may be processing the large data. When this processing is done, the printing will resume to its original one.

Printing may also pause if your machine has been printing for a longer period of time, causing certain parts like the print head to overheat. Allow your machine to rest for a while. If the printer doesn’t resume printing on its own, turn it off for at least 15 minutes. If the issue is still not resolved, contact HP Printer Support Phone Number and speak to our customer care executive over phone.

Troubleshoot Your HP Printer Issues on HP Toll Free Number

If you want to know more about these printers or looking to troubleshoot your HP Printer errors, then try our HP printer technical support, which is available 24x7 to major countries like USA, UK & Australia. Our certified technical support team will assist you through our HP Live Chat or Online support. We offer the best solutions for HP issues like browser/driver compatibility, WIFI connection, paper jam or driver support etc. For professional printer maintenance service for HP and other printer brands, call us at 1-800-358-0071 (USA/Canada)

Call us on our HP Printer Helpline number are 1-800-436-0509 for USA & Canada, +44-800-046-5700 for UK &1-800-769-903 for Australia.

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