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HP stands for Hewlett-Packard. This printer giant is the first to introduce inkjet printers for commercial users worldwide. Today, HP is known for manufacturing the best quality printers worlwide. Be its inkjet printers or laser printers, HP are known for its durability & vast printing features. With its great features like AirPrint, CloudPrint, E-print etc, HP is a number 1 choice for every house and offices. Hp printer users sometimes may face errors related to Wireless & other software related issues that are frustrating to resolve of their own. In this post we are listing down the problems one face with their already own HP Printer.

If you are facing problems connecting your Wireless printer then discussed below are some issues with the perfect solutions. Just follow them in sequence or call HP Printer Technical Support for further help over phone.

Problem #1 WPS Setup Errors

WPS is WiFi Protected Setup. With this feature your HP Wireless printer can be set up wirelessly using your home wifi Network connection. If you don’t know the setup steps, visit HP Wireless Printers Setup. Time occurs when you might encounter some errors connecting your Hp Printer to the wireless network. If you are the one, you can troubleshoot the error yourself following the solution steps below:

This problem might arise because of any printers that have already been installed on your computer. To rectify it, follow these steps:
  • Go to the Start button on your desktop.
  • Click on Control Panel → Devices and Printers.
  • The Printers and Faxes window will open.
  • You may be shown the already connected printers to your computer/laptop, remove those printer(s) by right-clicking → Remove device.
  • Then, go to ‘Add a printer’, then press Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.

Problem #2 Paper Stuck/Jam Issues

Be careful while printing a document. Take efforts to place the blank papers properly aligned with the paper tray. Poor stacking of papers can result in getting your paper stuck even before you can try. If the same issue is happening to you follow the tutorial steps below:
  • First and foremost power off the printer and remove the power cord.
  • Carefully and slowing remove the other stacks of unprinted papers from your printer.
  • Open the paper tray door and clan any bits of paper remaining inside the printer.
  • Now close the paper tray door and neatly stack the papers by adjusting the paper guide width to A4 size.
  • Now you print your document. There will not be any problem.

Problem #3 E-print Issues

E-Print is a wireless printing feature available in HP Wireless Printers. It allows you to print through remote location. But there arises some problem like unable to print or printer not connecting to E-Print option. If you are too facing this problem, here are the troubleshooting tips to rectify or call HP Wireless Printers Technical Support Number usa.

  • Enter the correct e-mail address of your printer.
  • Just note that attachments you selected to be printed should be below 25 MB else your printer doesn’t print.

Problem #4 Cartridge Issues:

Every one of us would have faced the cartridge issue one time or the other. When you have unused the printer for a longer duration, then the ink in the cartridge might get dried up. So you will not be able to print again. If you are looking to rectify the issue, follow these steps below:


To prevent your ink from drying up, you should at least do one small print job in between 2 weeks gap. If your ink had clotted, follow these steps:
  • Switch off your printer and open the top of your printer to remove the cartridge.
  • Carefully give a push in the downward direction and remove the cartridge.
  • Now with a clean cloth clean the dirt build up on the copper-colored electrical contact with a cotton swap.
  • Do not touch the ink nozzle for any situation. It will only make things worse.
  • After cleaning carefully fit the cartridge the same way you removed it.
  • Now your issues are rectified and your printer will work fine.

HP Wireless Printers Technical Support Number

If you are facing any other issues then we recommend you contacting the HP Printer Support Phone Number. Our highly experienced technicians are capable to resolve any issues be its printer configuration or wireless network or any other paper jam, ink cartridge issues. Make an appointment with those technicians for correcting your issues, note down the numbers below:
HP Printer customer services (Toll Free)
USA +1-800-436-0509
UK +44-800-046-5700
AU +61-1800-769-903

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